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We would like to personally welcome you to the experience of a lifetime - Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts!

If you want to change your life, get in shape, make new friends and have a great time while doing it, then our karate school is ready for you to come and join us. We offer advanced martial arts and self-defense training for adults and kids, men and women, and we cater to all experience and fitness levels. We love beginners!

Experience Martial Arts the Right Way

At Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts, we teach our students the right way to learn and practice martial arts. Our students learn the correct ways to punch and kick, block, hold and grapple and so much more. Forget everything you thought you knew about martial arts - we teach real-world self-defense tactics that can be used in virtually any defensive situation. Our goal is to offer our students the absolute best in defense, so we don't cut any corners. Our instructors work with each student to ensure that our advanced martial arts techniques are being learned thoroughly and safely in a friendly and professional environment.

Fun, Fitness and More

When you attend classes here at Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts, you get more than just expert martial arts instruction - you also get a chance to workout and feel great. Our classes begin with stretching and aerobic exercises, then we jump right into fun physical activities that are designed to strengthen and tone your body. In addition, if weight loss is your goal, then you're going to love our fun-filled classes. Many of our students have been able to begin their weight loss journey after only one class, and all of our students say they feel healthier and more fit after attending Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts.

We Offer So Much More

In addition to the great self-defense instruction and physical workouts, our classes also give you the chance to grow as a person. We give our students the tools needed to build confidence, self-esteem, character and self-discipline, and we encourage each student to seek out a stronger inner-vision within their own mind, body and spirit. Many of our students have told us that they have been able to utilize the lessons that they've learned here at Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts to overcome obstacles at work, in relationships and in their own personal journey of growth. No matter where you are in life, we can help you to become stronger, both inside and out.

Our Events are the Best

Another reason so many of your friends and neighbors have already turned to Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts is that we always have a fun event going on. From birthday parties to movie nights to tournaments and contests, our students get to take part in awesome events all the time. Our classes and events are also great ways to meet new people and make new friends, and we encourage all of our students to interact with one another. If you're new in town, you'll love the friendly atmosphere here at Rochester Northeastern Martial Arts, and we'd love to have you get involved.

Why Wait?

If you've even considered taking martial arts classes in the past, do yourself a favor and call us right now at 585-889-7330 to see the difference we can make in your life. In fact, when you call, ask about our free, no obligation trial offer which allows you to take a personal tour of our school, meet our instructors and even try a class yourself. However, we know that once you see all of the amazing benefits that our classes have to offer, you'll be ready to come back again and again. Don't put it off any longer - call 585-889-7330 today to get started on the journey of a lifetime!
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Northeastern Martial Arts Institute 3240 Chili Avenue / Rochester, New York 14624 585-889-7330
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